Kenny Opposes Sick Leave

Ken Weinstein’s Open Letter to City Council.

As a self-described community leader, Ken Weinstein takes a great deal of pride in employing community people in his community based businesses.
That’s why Ken Weinstein’s opposition to Paid Sick Leave was quite the eye-opener.
What was even more bizarre, is Ken’s apparent lack of respect for his employee’s dedication and hard work.


From News works,

June 8, 2011

Dear Council Member,

I am writing to urge you to oppose Bill 080474, the Sick Leave Bill. If enacted, this legislation would have detrimental effects on Philadelphia restaurants, other small businesses and their employees.

On the surface, this legislation sounds great – give employees seven days of paid sick leave that they can use when they really need them. Unfortunately, nothing could be farther from the truth! (What’s further from the truth Ken, that people get sick, or that they don’t actually need days off???)

Firstly, to make up for the cost of these guaranteed sick days, restaurant owners will have to decrease pay for hourly workers or expect more hours out of salaried employees. I know my employees would rather be paid more rather than have paid sick days that more responsible employees will never use.
(Responsible Employee’s Don’t Get Sick??? Are you saying that your Employee’s aren’t responsible???)

Secondly, my General Manager reports to me that 50% of all employee health related call outs are because the employee has stayed out too late the previous night partying.
(Now, you’re accusing your employee’s of being drunks. Do they actually call the next day and say that “I’m too hung over to work today????)

I am not passing judgment on these employees. What they do on their own time is up to them. I am simply suggesting that less responsible employees will use up all seven of the sick days every year, while the other more responsible employees will have to pick up their shifts and cover for them, while experiencing pay decreases to cover the cost.
(Again, responsible employee’s don’t get sick, and if they do, they then become irresponsible employees?? This train-of-thought is quite confusing. Sick = irresponsible, Not Sick = Responsible. Plus, 50% of Sick Employee’s are really Drunks according to Ken…..)

Drunks at Work

I am not your usual small business owner that opposes all legislation that will hurt our bottom line. I have strongly supported minimum wage increases, no smoking in restaurants and guaranteed health care coverage. This issue is different. It will help a small group of employees who work for unreasonable small business owners that don’t provide sick leave when necessary

While hurting a majority of the employees that don’t work for one of these unreasonable bosses.

Instead of forcing paid sick leave, why not enact legislation that forces business owners to provide unpaid sick leave when an employee really needs it? No one should be fired because they need time off for health reasons just as no one should be rewarded for staying out too late and drinking heavily the night before they are expected to work.
(According to Ken, Paid Sick Leave rewards employees for being drunks, which by Ken’s account makes up 50% of his staff. It seems his whole argument against paid sick leave is that too many bosses are unreasonable and employ Drunks. How Endearing! )


Proponents of this legislation do not understand the nature of the restaurant business. I gladly supply five paid sick days per year to my real estate staff, but none of them have ever used all five days. An across the board requirement does not make sense. I hope you will join me in opposing Bill 080474 before damage is done to our industry.


Ken Weinstein


Trolley Car Diner, Mt. Airy

Trolley Car Café, East Falls



Folks, who is Ken kidding?

He insults the community by calling them Drunks, then insinuates that paid sick leave will damage the industry, even though responsible employees don’t get sick. Oh, except the irresponsible employees who do happen to get sick, even though 50% are really just alcoholics!!!

Another example of how Ken Weinstein “Helps” Destroy Area Wages & Benefits.



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