Kenny Kills Jobs


Ken Weinstein @ Groundbreaking.
(Do the people in attendance represent the diversity of the community?)

Ken Weinstein fashions himself a community leader, a philanthropist, and someone who in his own words claims,

” My business plan was 50 percent financial gain and 50 percent community improvement ”  

But, is that really the case? Is Kenny’s cause really a community cause, or is it a strategic business maneuver by a predator who leverages community support in order to further his own financial agenda?
One needs to look no further than the Rita’s Water Ice derailment perpetrated by Ken Weinstein. 

“New Waldorf School Campus comes to Germantown.”

Another test of community faith would have been the inclusion of the long time neighborhood located, minority owned, small business
Eley Electrical Contracting for the New Waldorf School Project. But Ken Weinstein did not include Eley Electric in his “Community Development”.
Figuring that his business model is  “50% community improvement” one would imagine that Eley Electric would have been a no-brainer for Ken Weinstein.
But that wasn’t the case.

“It’s our goal to make an impact in our community, one property at a time,”
said Weinstein,

It seems that Ken Weinstein’s community involvement starts in the community’s pocket, and ends at his.


Ken Weinstein “Helps Destroy” Area Wages & Benefits.

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