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Ken Weinstein, Community Activist, Fact or Facade???


Ken Weinstein likes to fashion himself as a pillar of the community. Ken would have you believe that everything he does is for the betterment of the community and the financial gains of his “community involvement” are secondary. But, is that really the case? Along with the Rita’s Water Ice debacle, the refusal to include Eley Electric for his Waldorf School Project may have you questioning Ken Weinstein’s Community Activism.

Who is Eley Electric?

Eley Elec 1

Eley Electrical Contracting is a Community Small Business, Minority Owned & Operated Firm from right here in the heart of Germantown. Eley Electric even rents their office space from Philly Office Retail, a Ken Weinstein Company!! A matter of fact, Eley Electric’s office is just blocks from the New Waldorf School, Ken Weinstein’s Flagship Project.

Eley Electric is a community contractor who best represents the neighborhood employing a diverse city workforce. Eley Electric is the perfect example of what a Community business should be. Eley Electric provides good paying jobs to I.B.E.W. Members from the community whose Area Wages & Benefits support the community.

– A fact that Ken Weinstein would admire – or one would think anyway –

But Ken Weinstein did not include Eley Electric on the Project. Ken Weinstein decided to include another Electrical Contractor for his project, a company who is not from the community, a company who does not represent the community, and a company who does not support Area Wages & Benefits.

Just another example of how Ken Weinstein “Helps” to Destroy Area Wages & Benefits.

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